понедельник, 10 декабря 2007 г.

Free Stuff For Girl

A Free Stuff For Girl is a female child, as opposed to a boy, a male child. The age at which a girl is regarded as having become a woman varies in different societies; typically the transition from adolescence to maturity is taken to occur in the late teens Free Stuff For Girl. The English word (first documented in 1290) originally designated a child of either gender Free Stuff For Girl. To designate between the two genders, a female child was called a gay girl, while a male child was called a knave girl.[1] During the 14th century its sense was narrowed to specifically female children Free Stuff For Girl. Subsequently, it was extended to refer also to mature but unmarried young women since the 1530s Free Stuff For Girl. Usage in the sense of (romantic) "sweetheart" arose in the 17th century Free Stuff For Girl.

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